The PRC Textile Industry Standard F2/T54042-2011 issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China was launched on July 1, 2012.

This standard specifies the terms and definitions, specifications and markings, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, markings, packaging, transportation and storage requirements for conductive polyester drawn filaments. End of China's conductive polyester drawing filament in the use of detection, packaging, transportation and storage of various chaos, thus ensuring the quality of conductive polyester drawn filaments, to ensure the anti-static fabrics occupational safety protection performance.

This standard was drafted in accordance with the specifications given in GB/T1.1-2009, proposed by China Textile Industry Association, and controlled by Shanghai Textile Industry Technical Supervision Institute, Jiangsu Textile Research Institute Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Lantianhai Textile Apparel Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Municipal Textile Industry Technical Supervision participated in the drafting. The main drafters were Zhou Jianping (Jiangsu Textile Research Co., Ltd.) Cai Yunmei (Shanghai Textile Industry Technical Supervision) Chen Mingqing (Zhejiang Lantianhai Textile & Apparel Technology Co., Ltd.) Zhou Yude (Shanghai Textile Industry Technical Supervision The place).

Zhejiang Lantianhai Textile & Apparel Technology Co., Ltd. is the main drafting unit of F2/T54042-2011 conductive polyester drawing wire industry standard. Chairman Chen Mingqing made it clear: "As the state attaches greater importance to occupational safety protection, we have incorporated the work proposed by the State Administration of Work Safety on the basis of the "People's Republic of China Safe Production Act" and the "People's Republic of China on Occupational Disease Prevention and Control Law." Protective equipment requirements, strict implementation of conductive polyester filament drawing industry standards, improve the unique eight production requirements of Lanxiang brand fabrics, further improve the use of conductive polyester filament drawing, testing, packaging, transportation and storage.” He said : "The use of conductive polyester filaments should be combined with the different requirements for the stability of antistatic protection tooling antistatic performance in different countries, different industries and different occasions. Different types of built-in polyester-based conductive fibers and their corresponding bases should be selected. Yarn is made of conductive material that has been made by special process and wire to ensure the industry standard.” He also proposed to measure the anti-static performance: “The point-to-point resistance test method is to place the tested sample on the insulating plate, and put the electrode device on the electrode. The point-to-point resistance of the sample is measured by applying a DC voltage across the device. Put on the desktop to test the habit, to ensure the correctness of the test.Test unit resistance, the resistance of the unit length of the fiber in a certain linear density, can not take a random length, but to perform testing according to fiber standards to ensure the authenticity In order to make the Lanxiang brand antistatic cloth more user-friendly, more at ease. More comfortable, this winter and next spring, the company established a constant temperature and humidity testing center on the basis of the original testing center, from raw materials, yarn, thread, conductive wire to strict Check, in strict accordance with the industry standards for the implementation of physical properties of conductive polyester drawing filament, so that the quality of Lanxiang anti-static fabric to a higher level. "The provisions of the industry standards in the packaging, transport and storage are emphasized in strict enforcement. There are more stringent requirements. Chen Mingqing emphasized: “In order to ensure the stability of the anti-static fabric performance of the Lanxiang brand, conductive fibers, conductive materials, anti-static grey cloth and anti-static color cloth are not allowed to be put on or stored during transportation. Corrosive items such as strong acids and alkalis must not be placed during transportation. Together, the storage area should be dry, ventilated, and protected from direct sunlight. The product is more than 30cm away from the wall surface to prevent rat bites, insect bites and mildew."

The company not only strictly enforces the industry standard for conductive polyester drawn wire, but also requires all departments to self-control, modify, and improve the original company's self-defining quality standards in accordance with industry standards, so that the occupational safety protection performance of Lanxiang brand anti-static fabrics is achieved. Better assurance.

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