A few days ago, Wang Hong, a peasant in Jiji Town, Jiyang District, called the reporter with a good news, saying that his corn seed handicrafts had obtained national patents and the invention patent certificate had just come down. Yesterday morning, the reporter braved the high temperature and drove nearly 20 kilometers to Wang Hongjun's home.

Wang Hongjun is a talented, good-study and capable person in the area. He was inspired in his early years when he was away from work. After returning to his hometown for more than a decade, he conquered a technical difficulty and finally worked out a method of making handicrafts from cornseed and applied for a national patent. With a pair of clever hands, he turned ordinary corn seeds into a variety of handicrafts, including jugs, glasses, table lamps, vases, straw hats, ingots, etc. They are vivid and practical. Now, he registered the trademark for this craft, applied for a patent, registered the company, and prepared to make the small corn a big industry that will lead the people to become rich.

Wang Hong has come up with a patent certificate for reporters to see. The reporter saw that Wang Hongjun's invention patent was entitled "Maize Seed Crafts," the patent number was ZL200910065678.7, and the authorization announcement date was July 4, 2012. Holding a patent certificate approved by the State Intellectual Property Office, Wang Hongjun was more confident. He is ready to industrialize his patented invention technology, mass production of this beautiful corn seed crafts, to attract more people to get rich.

Speaking of the next steps, Wang Hongjun told reporters that he and his partners have already renovated the factory buildings and exhibition halls in the city and are ready to promote this technology and produce more and better corn seed products.

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