What can the big and small leading companies do?

In this year’s “**”, Gao Dekang, chairman of the Bosideng Group, the representative of the Nation’s representative, talked about the difficulty of the management of small and micro enterprises, in addition to suggesting that the government should be inclined to small and micro enterprises in terms of tax policies and small amounts. ** Banks can specialize in setting up ** businesses for small and micro enterprises, etc. It also highlights one point, that is to fundamentally improve the ability of innovation and development of small and micro enterprises, especially the industry leading companies should provide innovation for small and micro enterprises. And technical support.

He took himself as an example. During the more than 30 years of development of Bosideng, he not only promoted the development of clothing clusters in the region, but also promoted the development of upstream and downstream industrial chains such as packaging, dyeing, fabrics, accessories, feathers, and terminal sales. The growth has strengthened the ability of these SMEs to resist risks. “Small and micro enterprises are also vulnerable groups and large enterprises with rapid development. Helping them is an important manifestation of fulfilling their social responsibilities.”

"With large and small companies, large and small enterprises will jointly develop in a coordinated manner. This will be one of the development paths for small and micro enterprises in the future." Yang Jichao, vice president of the China National Textile and Apparel Council, said that due to the problems of platforms, resources and costs, not all Small and micro enterprises are all suitable for investing in research and development and upgrading technology. “Like automobile brand manufacturers, they do not produce all the accessories but they assemble it. This model is also feasible in the apparel industry. Large companies should take the lead in R&D, and then drive small and micro businesses by supporting small and micro enterprises to support or subcontract. Businesses upgrade.

In Jinjiang, leading enterprises have driven the development of small and micro enterprises. There have been preliminary preliminary successful cases. Jinjiang Dali clothing company, which mainly focuses on foreign trade orders, is one of the leading enterprises in Shenzhen and Shanghai. With orders increasing over the past two years, the company has entered into a strategic cooperation relationship with many small and micro enterprises around the country, placing orders outside and driving the company. The development of small and micro businesses around.

Still in Jinjiang, "brand industrial park" and "small business park" have become project carriers for leading enterprises to drive the development of small and micro enterprises. According to the relevant person in charge of the Jinjiang City Economic and Trade Bureau, Jinjiang encourages the promotion of the “brand industrial park” operation model throughout the city. It focuses on leading textile and apparel companies, guides the entry of small and micro enterprises, and becomes a supporting carrier. The “Small and Medium Enterprises Pioneering Park” under planning and preparation will use tailor-made and order-based methods to tailor-make standard factory buildings for small and micro-textile garment enterprises to serve their development and growth.

As early as the end of last year, many enterprises in Ningbo had already taken the lead and small and medium-sized enterprises were helping to tide over difficulties. The leading companies in the industry chain use the advantages of relatively abundant funds. Before the supporting small and micro enterprises have not completed their orders, they will advance the advance payment in advance. In this way, small and micro enterprises have survived the crisis of possible fracture of the capital chain, and the entire industrial chain has continued to operate smoothly. Ningbo Shenzhou Group, the leading textile company in Ningbo, is a typical representative and has provided a lot of financial assistance for its supporting small and micro enterprises. “We regard suppliers as their own partners rather than purely commercial trade relations. We believe that only the suppliers are good, and the downstream companies of the suppliers will be good,” said Wang Cunbo, financial controller of Ningbo Shenzhou Group, in an interview.

What can financial support for financial institutions do?

In Beijing, the Xidan Branch of China Minsheng Bank’s Xidan Branch in Beijing is located in a relatively active area of ​​Beijing's clothing business district. Therefore, it acts as a special sub-branch for the clothing and apparel industry of Minsheng Bank, in addition to providing financial support for small and micro enterprises in the clothing industry in the shopping district. In addition, Minsheng Bank’s Xidan Sub-branch also solves various problems in the actual settlement process for small and micro businesses, making complex merchant settlements as easy as credit card spending. As of March 2012, China Minsheng Bank’s Beijing Xidan Sub-branch has provided financial services such as clearing, banking, and wealth management to nearly 2,000 small and micro-businesses in the apparel industry, and has provided 1.5 billion yuan in financial support.

Take Minsheng Bank’s Xidan Sub-branch, which specializes in small and micro clothing merchants, as an example, it is based on the actual settlement characteristics of small and micro enterprises and innovatively launched a telephone-based payment platform. It integrates multiple functions such as bank card inquiry, transfer, payment, self-service payment, and so on. It is like a small bank terminal, allowing merchants to handle most of the banking services without leaving their homes, which greatly saves the settlement of merchants. Time cost and financial cost.

In Shanghai, in order to help SMEs, many banks in Shanghai have introduced different products with different characteristics. Not long ago, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank's Shanghai Branch launched the "Customs Clearance" electronic guarantee service at the seminar on import business. Enterprises can use this product to achieve the convenience of customs clearance and subsequent tax payment, and improve customs clearance efficiency and financial costs. It is reported that any company that meets certain standards, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank can unconditionally give its 500,000 yuan "Changying Ying" quota, does not require the company to provide any additional guarantees.

China Merchants Bank Shanghai Branch also fully upgrades small and micro enterprises**, providing flexible “turnaround” services. It is reported that all customers who apply for the upgraded small and micro enterprises of China Merchants Bank can enjoy the "unique" feature of China Merchants Bank. After opening the transaction, the customer can log on to the online bank of China Merchants Bank at any time by 7×24-hours. The money can be immediately paid to the counterparty by means of transfer, and can also be paid by swiping the POS card. In addition, it is not only convenient for borrowing to facilitate the turnover, but also can apply for online repayment at any time. As for the ** interest rate, how many days will be spent and how much interest will be used. With interest, the interest will be discounted according to the actual use of funds. China Merchants Bank’s small and micro enterprises** can also enjoy exclusive payment of mortgages for 2 years on a monthly basis, extending the use cycle and reducing repayment pressure.

In Zhengzhou, the Henan Branch of the Bank of Communications and the Chamber of Commerce of the Federation of Industry and Commerce of Zhengzhou City carried out in-depth and extensive research. Based on the characteristics of the capital use of the garment enterprises, the management model of the original single credit was broken through and the apparel enterprises were established to include **, A package of financial services including settlement and wealth management. According to the Bank’s plan, Zhengzhou’s small and micro enterprises will be supported this year with a quota of RMB 2 billion.

Not only that, on April 13, the start-up ceremony of the “Supermarket” for small and micro enterprises established by 27 banks in Henan was held at the Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. 103 small and micro enterprises from the province entered the “Supermarket”. Picking the “goods” that suit them—Whether it is a big bank or a small bank, whether it is a foreign bank or a village bank, almost every bank has come up with several kinds of financial products that are tailor-made for small and micro enterprises. It is reported that in the next one month, the bank-enterprise matchmaking conference featuring small and micro enterprises will also be held in cities such as Xinxiang and Anyang in Henan.

What should you do on your own micro-enterprises?

Henan Qiaoqi pants industry leader Wang Shengcai was a native of Zhejiang Province. He came to Henan because he saw the potential of the clothing market in Henan. However, at the beginning, he did not have any plan, but he “followed the flow” and he began to find a way out after encountering difficulties. “Henan's clothing is more huddle than children. At the earliest we all followed the leading companies to make money. They did what we did. Later, leading companies started to establish their own brands. When consumers have brand awareness, we have these small and micro enterprises. The day is not easy.” Wang Sheng Cai said that at present, Qiao Qi has six fixed agents, the other are retail, but also are regular customers. In order to improve the current operating conditions, Qiao Qi wanted to increase sales through the establishment of a clothing store at Taobao.com.

Similarly, small and micro enterprises that want to change the status quo through e-commerce channels also have clothing clothing, which was established in 2005. It is also from Henan, and it is relatively fast growing in Henan small and micro clothing enterprises. Currently, it is found in 16 provinces in China. Your own agent. According to Liu Zhili, head of clothing and apparel, this is due to the accurate positioning of target customers and innovations in two important aspects of design and sales. In addition, Yipin also established its own online store and established flagship stores on Taobao and Pat. It is expected that online sales will account for 30% of total sales in the second quarter of this year. It may reach about 50%.

In Hangzhou, Xu Donghong, the head of a company named Lan Hang Apparel, started from wholesale. He also plans to start building his own marketing channel, “Design, Processing, and Sales.” In 2011, the company also launched a transformation of the work - Delphi brand, but also for the transformation. Xu Donghong said that they spent a lot of time creatively, designing and enhancing the versatility of the down coats. The sleeves can be disassembled, the length can be shortened, and the pile-down pile can be a backpack. There are even five types of clothing.

In Goyang, Hebei, a company called Tuqiang Textile Company is a small micro-enterprises that produces towels. Although the towel product is an obscure small class, with the change of people's taste and consumption habits, the towel is in a rising position in the textile industry. Tuqiang Weaving also admits that they imitate mature big brands, but it is commendable that they do not forget to go beyond and form their own characteristics, Tuqiang towel pays attention to the "three special" efforts, that is to achieve special design, special specifications, Special style.

Liu Jianqiang, general manager of Tuqiang Textile Industry, said that the company has cooperated with a number of outstanding design and production companies outside the company to open up the vision of the company’s designers. The new towel towels have been developed according to the new characteristics of modern towel consumption. Bath towel products meet the needs of different consumer groups; in terms of style, the company developed the European, Japanese, American, Chinese style and other towel products based on different gender, age groups, different regions, and different country consumption differences. .

As a small and micro-enterprise, Tuqiang towel will inevitably encounter ** difficult problems, but on this issue, the general manager Liu Jianqiang has a different view, he believes that although the active help of banks and other financial institutions is very important However, what is more crucial is that "companies must strengthen standardized management and have the conditions for banking."

“The macro things we can appeal to, can ask for, but the enterprise's own problems require entrepreneurs to take out confidence, patience and focus to solve and make themselves stronger.” Liu Jianqiang's words are worth a lot like them Micro business taste.

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